Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recap of last few months

Well, since my last post, I am sad to say that Chin Chin passed away :( She put up a corageous fight, but her liver was too far gone :( She is in a much better place now, I am sure of that!
Also, Cruiser, my 11 year old Rottie, Passed away in June :( He was diagnosed with a nasal tumor. It had spread to other parts of his body so it was too late for a recovery.. I made the heartbreaking decision to have him put down. I was with him to the very end.. I am sure he was greeted by Chin Chin and my other pets on the other side of the rainbow bridge :) I am posting photos of Cruiser here on my blog..
As for my painting, I am going to be working on memorial paintings of Cruiser and Chin Chin.. I am also going to work on some pet portrait ornaments as well...
Sorry for disappearing on everyone :( I will be posting more as time goes on :)
Thanks for following and God Bless!

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