Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, it was a CRAZY day today!! My ex bf (we are still friends) called me up and said his cat was really sick.. So, I went to his house to take kitty to the vet.. She has been a outdoor cat (not to happy about that but she won't be outdoors anymore!)
When I first saw her, she was cold, wet, and VERY jaundice :(
I thought it was the end for her.. Chin Chin is around 10 yrs old :(
I rushed her to the vet where they did a FELV/FIV test.. It was negative (THANK GOD!!) Next was a CBC profile.. She did have some elevated lvls with kidney and liver but they think she is going to pull through..
I am giving her subcutaneous iv fluids and steroids for the jaundice.. Hopefully she will pull out of this to live a few more years!!

I will be posting pics of this adorable kitty! Poor thing has lost her teeth so her toungue sticks out :(
So if you could say a prayer for Chin Chin, she would appreciate it so much!

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  1. Soooo sad! Is she eating anything? SubQfluids are the best I've done many times! Did you just get her today??


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